Antigua and Barbuda Ship Register


1. Antigua and Barbuda maintains an international recognised Register of Ships. Registration of ships can be carried out together with a mortgage associated to that ship.

 2. There are no tonnage restrictions for ships on the register.

3. Prior ships full registration a mandatory "initial safety inspection" is to be carried out on behalf of the flag state, exempt the ship is a new construction or less one year of age.

4. An Antigua – (IBC) company has to be created in advance. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Good Standing must be submitted to the relevant Antigua Registration Office.

Creating a company

1. Under the Antigua and Barbuda International Business Corporation Act 1982 (IBCA),
individuals of other nationality than Antiguan and Barbudan and companies registered
outside Antigua and Barbuda may incorporate an International Business Corporation (IBC).

2. The IBCA follows in many aspects the legal ideas of English Law on companies with limited
liability, provided that an IBC may do business only outside Antigua and Barbuda. Many IBCs
own or act as bareboat charterer of ships registered under the flag of Antigua and Barbuda. Many
others serve for general business purposes not related to shipping.

3. IBCs are usually incorporated through Antiguan and Barbudan law firms which also act as
the IBC’s local registered agent. IBCs have an authorised capital of USD 10.000,00. They may issue
registered shares and/or bearer shares. They usually have one or more directors of which none
needs to be of Antiguan and Barbudan nationality or to be domiciled in Antigua and Barbuda.
However it has proved practical to have one of the directors be a local registered agent, acting in
the incorporation of the IBC.

4. IBCs are exempted from Antiguan and Barbudan taxes for a period of fifty years and it should
also be noted that Antigua and Barbuda does not place any restrictions on the exchange of currency.