Seagoing vessels of more than 500 net tons, engaged in foreign trade are eligible for registration in Liberia (see Maritime Law ' 51 (2)).

Vessels should be not more than 20 years of age at the time of registration; however, vessels older than 20 years may be granted a waiver for registration on application by owner accompanied by an advice from the vessel's Classification Society confirming that the vessel is in class and that the Society is willing to issue all statutory certificates to the vessel.

Registration applications for vessels 15 years of age or older must be submitted with a Status Report of the vessel's Special Survey for review by Marine Safety.

No. of Ships 1,557
Tonnage 51,450,917 grt
Age Limit 20 years (subject to waiver).
Size Restrictions 1,600 nrt (Subject to waiver).
Ownership Requirements Liberian citizen or national Liberian corporations, partnerships or undertakings registered in Liberia as Foreign Maritime Entities.
Documents Required

For provisional registration:- 

  • application for an official number; 
  • power of attorney (or certified corporate resolutions); 
  • bill of sale or builder's certificate or other proof of ownership; 
  • confirmation of class and statement from class society re: surveys; 
  • proof of cancellation or consent to cancellation from previous registry; 
  • proof that the vessel is free from recorded liens; 
  • evidence of payment of registration fees and tonnage taxes; 
  • proof of P&I cover.
  • Within 30 days:- 
  • report on safety inspection; 
  • application for Liberian ship radio licence; 
  • proof of cancellation from previous registry.
  • For permanent registration - all certificates required to comply with the relevant IMO conventions must have been issued by an authorised classification society.
Registration Fees There is an Initial Registration Fee of US$2,500 per vessel and an Annual Tonnage Tax of US$0.40 per nrt. Other fees are payable in respect of marine investigations, the provision of certificates and annual return fees and registered agent's fees for Liberian corporations (currently US$450).
Approved Classification Societies All members of IACS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LRS, NKK, RINA, CCRS, RRS, PRS and KRS.
Crew Nationality There are no nationality requirements for officers and crew. Officers must possess a Liberian licence valid for 5 years which may be issued against a recognised foreign licence.
Parallel Registration Parallel registration in or out of the registry is permitted.
Flag of Convenience Yes.
Type of Mortgage The form of mortgage must comply with and contain the information required by Chapter 3 of Title 22 of the Liberian Code 1956. All mortgages (in original form with 3 counterparts) have to be notarised and registered through the Liberian Registry in New York and must be accompanied by evidence of the debt (if not included in the mortgage itself), evidence of the authority of the person executing the mortgage on behalf of the owner and (if appropriate) the mortgagee (including an original or certified copy of any power of attorney) together with a memorandum of particulars of the mortgage.
Mortgage Registration Fee US$475
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